Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cats and Dogs

After our run-in with a BIG dog on Saturday when we went to the park, Parsifal, who when he found that he was unable to run (thank goodness the harness stayed in place) was prepared to protect his sister and mummy with his life, has been a bit reluctant to leave the safety of the kitty carriage but today he braved the world again.  I thought that Poppy would be the first to emerge again but she was content to lie in the warmth and look out at the world.  I think that the dog only wanted to play  -  reading his body language that is how it looked but he was very big; he looked to me like a pig dog but I've known charming pig dogs.  The owner wasn't very helpful, though.  Now we go over to the playground area where dogs are supposed to be on leashes, but ...

We keep a careful lookout but this dog came very fast out of nowhere.  I won't take them out again on weekends; the park is usually empty around lunchtime on week days.

We are off to Sydney at the end of October and D3 has booked us all into the Holiday Inn at Potts point.  I was plugging the the Wentworth in the CBD but D3 has a discount card for accommodation so she did the booking.  It is only for  two nights and we have harbour views so I am not complaining.  And it is right by the train station from the airport so that is a huge plus.  And it is close to D1's apartment.

Parsifal, after his brave defense at the weekend has finally discovered his voice, much to my dismay.  He used to communicate in rather charming little chirps but now he is almost as loud as Poppy.

The nice new computers at COTA are not behaving themselves.  Every week we find the settings changed  and we have now discovered that there is no 'Windows Live Mail' ... a search takes us straight to Hotmail.  I thought that I would no longer have to take my own computer but I can see that I am still going to need it for the foreseeable future. 

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