Monday, August 6, 2012

An alarming situation

I arrived back from Adelaide the night before last and directed the taxi to the temporary parking spot at the end of "The Lane".  I climbed out and all the building alarms went off so instead of going upstairs to my apartment I trudged across to security to tell them that it was a false alarm.  No chance of explanations  -  all I got was "I'll be with you in a minute" and disconnect. I tried twice and then set out to search for the guy.  When I caught up with him he said that the big door which comes down in the middle of the shopping centre was going up and down and he couldn't leave it to attend to me.  Fair enough and next time I will know where to look ... but I can now understand why we have had so many false alarms.

The trip to Adelaide was fun and I got to see people whom I hadn't seen for years.  The purpose of the trip was to attend a Betrothal Ceremony for my niece and it all went off very well with a bevy of small children running riot in the church and keeping us all amused during the signing of the documents.  I doubt if any of them was older than four and they were very well behaved but tended to wander a bit.

For the two nights we were there we wined and dined very well but the noise was almost unbearable; on the Friday night at the restaurant we went to there was a very rowdy party at the next table and the acoustics were not designed for that level of sound  - and Saturday we ate at the hotel restaurant where there was amplified live music which drowned out all conversation.  I received a questionnaire asking for my comments on the hotel facilities and I mentioned that the amplified music was a real downer.

The babies arrived back yesterday afternoon and spent the rest of the day throwing themselves down on their backs to have their tummies rubbed and Poppy kept me awake by yowling until I told her that if she didn't stop it I would shut her out of the bedroom.  She settled after that and I can only assume that she was checking to make sure that I was still there with them.

Poor babies  -  they are going to have to get used to boarding school because I have to go to Sydney for D1's birthday at the end of October and there is a family reunion on 8th December in Adelaide which, since I have missed he last two, I would really like to attend.  The collection of family photos which I put together for my niece looked very good and I have been asked for several more copies; perhaps the family is finally starting to look to its roots.  Yeah!

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