Monday, July 30, 2012

The babies are off to boarding school *sob*

The babies are off for a few days boarding at the kennels where they were born.  It is times like this when I am glad that there are two of them so that things are not totally strange and frightening.  Not that much would frighten this pair but just the same it upsets me.

I thought that Parsifal had passed all of the cord he ate but on Sunday morning he had a mighty heave and a huge bundle came up.  It looked far more than the 20cm which I know that he ate  -  because I had a lead for each of them and was able to see how much was missing.  However, I decided not to unravel it to see if there was the odd shoelace in with it all and simply disposed of it thoughtfully as we are exhorted to do by the conservation groups.

He certainly showed no signs of discomfort and was eating normally but he is rather pleased with himself nevertheless.  He seems to have given up on the smurgling, thank goodness.  I have been discouraging him from smurgling on me and putting him onto his blankie.  Hopefully he has grown out of it or has worked through his allotted sucking time and is growing up.

It is exactly 52 weeks since I moved into this apartment.  The time has gone very fast and I love living here despite the design faults and general brainlessness regarding fittings and fitments.  It is nice to have everything so close to hand and I run into friends a lot ... and there is Koko Black!

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