Wednesday, July 25, 2012

There is something weird going on.

My microwave oven was returned to me yesterday.  It has sat in the repair shop for a week or so with various people pushing the door release button and it has been opening with no problems ... so they sent it back again.  The man who brought it back put it on the top of the bench and demonstrated to me that it worked perfectly, which it did.  Then he put it back into its proper place in the scheme of things and tried again; it refused to open.  He took it out again and it worked; put it back and the door, once again refused to open.

So I have the oven back again and I still have to use my fingernails to prise the door open but he is going to put in for a new oven for me.  He told me that Miele appliances should work properly under all circumstances and that it was not good enough.  All very odd!

Parsifal has eaten about 20cm of his new lead and I am still awaiting the outcome of that but everything seems to be working as it should.  I had the same problem with my Burmese female, Bast, who tended to eat shoelaces and eventually a shoestring strap attached to my favourite nightdress.  I consulted Dr Don about it when nothing came through and he assured me that the stomach acids are strong enough  to dissolve such things.  Certainly Parsifal seems none the worse for his strange diet.

I took them out for about an hour in the kittycarriage again today and they are both getting much braver about getting out and exploring their surroundings  - firmly attached to the kittycarriage but with quite a lot of leeway as I now have an extendable dog-lead with an lead expander attached so that they can get about 3 metres apart and several metres from the kittycarriage but I have the option of reeling them in quickly if I need to; as I chose to do today when an unleashed dog came into the park.  It was very well behaved and stayed with its owner but I don't want to take any risks with the babies.

The warranty for the apartments has now run out and the management has my list of things to be done.  I have stressed very strongly that I expect that the light which has blown three times and has not been working for the last two months will be under further warranty until the problem is fixed to my satisfaction and that no amount of new globes and transformers is going to solve the basic reason that it keeps on not working.

My son-in-law, who was going to install cat doors as soon as the warranty had expired has broken several ribs and punctured his lung so I will ask Hugh from Zoo if he can recommend someone when I go there to buy the cat-flaps.

Me, D1 & D2  are off to Adelaide next Friday for a couple of days for my niece's Nuptial Blessing and next Wednesday the babies are going back to their origins for a few days of boarding.

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