Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Old friends and babies

My best friend from university, who is a cousin to my Ex, was in Perth for a couple of days, staying with her sister and we met this morning for coffee downstairs.  I had pretty  well lost touch with her as she married a Dutchman and has lived in the Netherlands for many years but is now in Queensland so it was lovely to see her again after all this time.

I took the cats in their kitten-carriage over to the park today and let them out onto the grass in the sun.  The birds all saw a couple of predators and went quite frantic for a while until they realized that the cats were firmly tethered and were no threat … but it was very exciting for the babies and they thoroughly enjoyed their little jaunt.  And this evening neither is nagging to go out into the corridor so there is lovely peace.  Poppy has the most appalling voice; very oriental and she doesn’t let up.

I have spent the last two mornings downstairs, coffeeing with friends so hopefully I can get to Office Works tomorrow morning as I have some printing to be done.  If all else fails there is a Snap Printing here in Claremont and that might be a better option anyway.

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