Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The End of the World as we Know it #3

Today Poppy finally made it up onto the kitchen bench.  She very sensibly chose to start with the bench which has the cooktop, as it has a wall at the back so she was not in danger of sliding off the other side when she jumped up.

D1 has been staying with me for the last six days.  She was sent over on a work-related trip and told to take a couple of extra days while she was over here.  It was lovely to see her and she flew back this afternoon.  I'll be seeing her again in Adelaide early next month and again in Sydney in October.

Unfortunately I took her advice and booked my hotel through an agency and it is now set in concrete which is a great pity as Cousin H will be there earlier in the week and there is to be a family reunion dinner just before I arrive.  My airline ticket is also set in concrete and the hotel is fully booked for three days before we arrive so the timing is bad in all directions.  D2 and D3 are flying over on the same plane but are returning on an earlier one than me as I am hoping to catch up with Little Bro while I am there.  I am not holding my breath on that one, though.

Australia Post has obviously been investigating my lost mail as my Postie has had a little word with me and told me that he has been off for a while but that he will always ring up to the apartment if there is a parcel, and he commented that he knew my name and number as I was the first to move into the apartments.  The handbag and the wedding invitation haven't turned up but fortunately the senders sent replacements and the Medic Alert bracelet arrived back in Adelaide as soon as they started making inquiries at that end.

I weighed the kittens today but am not sure how accurate the scales are since I weighed a different amount each time, myself.

Parsifal  -  4.9 kilos
Poppy    -  3.3 kilos

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