Thursday, July 19, 2012


I took the babies out for a walk to the Mary Street Reserve in the kittycarriage this afternoon.  I let them out and a girl walking along the path stopped and said "Are they Bombays?"  She and her husband have one  -  about four years old, from Canning Vale (like mine).  Its mother was a brown Burmese and father a Bombay.  She took some photos to show her husband.  

It is fun to watch people when they realise that I have two cats in the kittycarriage; not at all what they expect.

The computer at work today was totally stuffed up.  The desktop had three very small COTA-related icons on it and My Documents had been cleared out totally.  All the gutter icons had gone as well.  Himself and I sorted it out as best we could but we never have enough time to do any proper adjustments.  I told the boss before we left for the day and he is going to have a look at it.

My accountant has applied for a variation on my quarterly tax assessment from $26,655.00 to $3,000.00.  I can't imagine what the tax department was thinking about but it came as quite a shock to me when I received the assessment; it wasn't going to leave me with enough to live on.

I took the wedding present photos to Office Works yesterday and they did a really good job of printing and binding them.  I'll take them with me to Adelaide; I don't trust the mail after losing so many items which, my postman assured me, were not down to him as he knows which mailbox belongs to me regardless of which of my five addresses are used.  The Claremont Council still insists that I am A707, not B707 and that the A stands for 'Apartment'.  *sigh*

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