Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Apartment Warranty is about to run out ...

First of all I would like to apologise for the very erratic font size in some of my posts.  I have tried, and failed, to correct the problem.  I will keep trying to fix it but don't hold your breath.

The day before yesterday my microwave oven was taken away to be fixed.  The door has been sticking and for a while it has needed two hands to open it.  I assumed that someone would come here and fiddle with the catch and it would work properly but I was told that it probably needs a new part, that it has happened to other oven doors but never before, in the experience of the removed, has it happened to a Miele.  He also said that there was a queue for repairs and it could be some time before I get it back again.  This is a nuisance but not the end of the world and the cats think that the compartment in which it is housed is great fun and they like to sit in it and try to reach down to the power point which is some way down, through a hole.

I am not sure how the carrier managed to turn off the switch and remove the plug and I have no idea how he is going to get it back again; small hands?

I have all but given up trying to walk the cats on their leads.  Poppy is good as long as she is allowed to go where she wants to go but tends to spit the dummy if I try to take her where I want her to walk.  Parsifal is  hopeless; he lies down as soon as he gets outside the door (sometimes even before he gets all the way out) and rolls until his lead is wound around his tummy.  If I walk on with Poppy he will get up and follow but I am supposed to have my animals in my full control in the common areas.

Instead I have taken them out in their Kitten Carriage a couple of times, firmly attached to an extendable lead which is firmly attached to the carriage itself.  They seem to quite enjoy their trips but are wary of getting out and smelling the flowers.  Poppy is more adventurous than Parsifal in this activity.

An old friend from my University days dropped in to see me on her way to the airport on Thursday.  She has a couple of sons and some grandbabies over here and comes over every so often.  I met her down in Fremantle for lunch about this time last year.

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