Thursday, June 13, 2013

From Windows 8

I have received my touch keyboard from Microsoft and am trying it out with a bit of serious typing.  It is a great improvement on the keyboard built into the light cover; so much so that previously I have been using the on-screen keyboard in preference. 

As I get more used to Win 8 I am not hating it quite as much.  It is very different to earlier operating systems and I am finding that editing is very clunky  -  but that may just be that I haven't yet found all the controls.  I am not looking forward to trying to teach it but at least I will have some idea of how to work the thing.  The trouble is that I don't remember how I , for example, put in my pretty background, wallpaper and icon.  No doubt I will muddle through, which is what I am doing with a client who wants to learn how to work his wife's I-Pad.  That he even wants to is a puzzlement as he told me that he has bought himself a Samsung tablet.  I guess that I will learn more about my own I-Pad by trying to find out what to do on it.

The kittens are thriving and I have a photo of Poppy watching her favourite programme which I will insert when I have transferred it from my camera.

Later:  This is Poppy watching "Miniscule".  When she hears the theme tune she comes running; it is her favourite programme on TV.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

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