Friday, December 6, 2013

An aye for an eye.

Poppy has had a weepy eye for about a week and had been going around with it shut most of the time.   Assuming that she might have something in it I irrigated it with normal saline a couple of times.  This improved it temporarily and then it would start to weep again.  On Wednesday I made an appointment to take her to see Dr Sophie and miraculously the eye cleared up; so I cancelled the appointment. 

On Thursday is was weepy and watery again so I did the irrigation thing again and for a time it looked good.  Then yesterday it all started up again so I made another appointment with the vet and again it miraculously cleared up but I was starting to see a pattern and determined to take her anyway.

She was not happy with Dr Phil and I had to hold her very firmly while he examined her.  He said that the tissue behind the eyelid was very inflamed but there was no damage to the cornea so he has given me some ointment which is part anti-inflammatory and part antibiotic and the change has been remarkable.  The eye is now clear, she was curled up on the bed this morning when I woke up, something she has not done for about a week, and not only is she happier and very bright-eyed again but she allowed me to put the ointment in this morning so twice daily for a week will hopefully not be a struggle.  Hopefully that will be the end of it.

But they are both very anti-vet and both have bitten Dr Sophie.  It is not a problem which I have encountered with any of my other cats although visits to the vet were not enjoyable at least they didn't bite.  I am wondering if all my previous outdoor cats had more experience of different places and were therefore not freaked out by being taken out of their familiar environment.  It is a bit of a worry  ...

Today is D2's birthday.  I tried to phone her but she was not answering on either her mobile or her landline but I will be seeing her tonight anyway.  I have made the requested chocolate mousse and bought some clotted cream which only wife-in-law and I will be able to eat as the rest of the family is milk intolerant and D3 has decided to avoid gluten as well.  Thank goodness for the internet  -  there are recipes!

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