Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This is ridiculous!

It is supposed o be summer here and I have just climbed back into my thermal underwear and turned on the heating in the apartment.  There is a freezing gale-force wind blowing straight in through any window or door I open and we have a cloudless sky.  Go figure!

I have almost finished the vest I am knitting from the 'Storm' spinnings.  I have had to go on to some of the extra fibre I bought and it looks a bit different but with the general roughness of the spinning due to bad blending of the fibre in the first lot I bought, the better blending and therefore better spinning of the last 200 gms isn't really going to show all that much.  Not that it will make a difference as there is nothing I can do about it short of undoing the lot and knitting something else.  That is something I don't intend to do since I am only  about 10cm from the end.

I am already planning my next knitting project and will use some of the yarn from the first efforts on E.Roberta.  I should be able to get on with that as soon as the weather warms up and my fingers thaw out.

Poppy has a mucky eye and we are off to the vet this afternoon.  I irrigated it with normal saline last night and it does look better than it did yesterday but it is still not looking too good  -  although she is opening it normally today.

It is D2's birthday on Saturday and we are having dinner at her place but she doesn't want to cook so I have volunteered to do the dessert.  D3 has decided to go both dairy and gluten free so she is not easy to cater for but D2 has requested chocolate mousse which fits the criteria ; I will be the only one who gets to eat cream with it since all my kids and grandbabies are lactose intolerant  -  thanks to their father who is lactose intolerant  -  something he only found out a few years ago.

Luckily there seems to be a whole industry devoted to food intolerances and I have been able to source enough ingredients to organise Christmas food  -  although I will not be actually doing Christmas dinner this year.  We will probably have a barbecue on boxing day but D3 won't be able to eat the sausages  -  they contain bread.

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