Friday, November 29, 2013

Swiftly flows the done.

I must say that using a swift and ball winder beats the old method of putting the heavy on one's kids to hold the skein of wool while you wind the yarn into a ball.

Even though I was missing a couple of parts from my new swift (they turned up when I stopped searching for them) I was able to wind a jumbo ball in about two minutes; it is certainly an improvement on hanging the skein of yarn around the backs of a couple of chairs and trying to keep everything from descending into a tangle.

Yesterday the window cleaners turned up to clean the bits which I am not expected to be able to reach.  They have to abseil down from the roof and almost finished before double disaster struck.  Firstly it started to rain and then a swarm of bees descended.  I found a couple of dozen clinging to the anti-cat mesh and shouted a warning just before I heard a voice from the roof announcing that there were bees everywhere up there. 

The guys came inside and sat in the passage waiting for all the dangers to pass but the rain didn't stop for a couple of hours by which time they had given up and gone.  So my bedroom window is not squeaky clean and I don't think that Apartment 611 has been finished either.  Since the rain keeps the windows on this side of the building relatively clean anyway I am not particularly fussed.  They will be back again in about six months and can finish off then.

Parsifal, who has been jumping onto the top of his igloo so that he can sleep in the resulting hollow, but expected me to puff it up again for him, has discovered how to restore it to its igloo condition without any help from me.  He is really a very clever cat except when it comes to his diet.  I am collecting the catgora but I missed the heavy moulting season and will probably not have enough for anything meaningful until at least next year.  It looks grey even though both cats are black but perhaps when it is washed it will revert to black and I can blend it with dark grey.  Maybe a scarf? 

In the mean time I have plenty to be going on with.  The 'Storm' vest is almost finished and I still have 800gms of the black corriedale to spin as well as four braids of "Jewel" and I am waiting for another nine braids of "Rosewood" from Carolyn Greenwood to add to the five I already have.

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