Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Catgora ... sounds like something which escaped from the Addams Family

Catgora, in fact, is cat hair for spinning.  I have started collecting the brushings from Parsifal and Poppy, storing them in a paper bag as recommended by the Ravelry cat hair spinning group, and when I have enough, in about ten years time, I will try to spin it into knittable yarn.

Meanwhile, I have just plied the first two bobbins of the black corriedale tops and had to belly-up the jumbo bobbin.  I kept the tension looser that I have done before so it may be the reason that there seems so much more yarn than previously.  I will find out when I skein, count and weigh it.

And while I was doing the plying I was downloading Windows 8.1 which has taken me most of the afternoon.  Then I had to read the terms of acceptance, after which I took it off again.  We should be able to read the terms before, not after, the download as I had to agree that Microsoft could monitor my travels around the internet and although I am sure that they already do it I have not agreed to allow them to do so and will put off the evil moment for as long as I can.

To make it even more of a fun day, I realised that the vest which I am knitting in the 'Storm' mix and which I am knitting in moss stitch or seed stitch (depending which side of the Atlantic you live) had some almost invisible mistakes where I had purled when I should have plained and visa versa.  They started about three rows down and I have dropped and picked up three of the stitches but there are some more and I am wondering if it would be quicker to just undo those rows and hope that I can pick the stitches up again.  I have done it before but not for many years.  I'll see how I go; dropping the stitches down for starters and undoing if that doesn't work.  All in all a 'fun' day.

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