Friday, November 15, 2013

For a moment there ...

... I thought that I was going to have enough yarn to finish the vest I am knitting from the 'Storm' tops which I sweated blood over when I was spinning , but alas, I am going to be a bit short.  Luckily I anticipated this and bought an extra 200 gms which is enough to fill my jumbo bobbin and will give me plenty to finish knitting.

I am actually rather pleased with the vest so far; it is very soft and drapey and, except for getting the stitches in the wrong order a few days ago, a very easy knit as it is basically just a rectangle with a couple of slits for armholes.  I eventually decided that it would be quicker to undo the bit I got wrong instead of trying to drop the stitches down and try to work out which way around the yarn I should hook it.  I have now reached and passed the first armhole.  (Note to self  -  make sure that I don't twist the newly cast-on bit when I knit it back into the main body of the vest.)

The black corriedale skein weighs 200 gms and is 283 yards long so I am spinning finer.  I have settled on a 'top-down' cardigan which gives me the option of stopping when I run out of yarn.  Just perfect for handspun.

The babies have worn out their grooming glove so I have bought them a very fancy (and very expensive) comb with an eject button so that I can collect the Catgora much more efficiently.  When I have a meaningful amount I will decide what colour to blend it with  -  probably a deep burgundy.

I am getting an error message every time I log into BlogSpot which is a bit ominous:

Possible problem with your .gwt.xml module file.  The compile time user.agent value (geck01_8) does not match the runtime user.agent value (ie9).  Expect more errors.

They might as well have posted that it Greek for all I can understand it.  Hopefully this post will allow itself to be saved or I might have to download Firefox again.

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