Tuesday, November 19, 2013

... and the bad news is ..

I am going to have to spin the last of the 'Storm' blend fibre in order to finish the vest I am knitting.  I pushed forward to the end of the penultimate ball to work out how many inches the last one would knit up to and found that I will be about three inches short.  This is, of course, assuming that there will be the same length of yarn in the last ball as in the one I have just finished knitting but it is pretty clear in my mind that I need to bite the bullet and get spinning again.

Speaking of biting the bullet, I have been experiencing pain in one tooth when I chew on it (and only when I chew on it) so yesterday I took myself off to the dentist.  He X-Rayed the teeth in the vicinity and there is no crack, no decay and no abscess but he was horrified at what my previous dentist (who thankfully resigned) had done to my occlusion with his idea that fillings did not have to be shaped to fit their opposite number with the result that only four teeth come anywhere near their partners and that is only because I insisted on a bit of remedial work when only one cusp actually touched its opposite number.

So my new dentist is talking of sending me off to a dental trouble-shooter.  I am seeing him again at the end of next week and we will decide then what should be done.  short of refilling all the teeth I can't see what can be done but Dentist Dr C. thinks that would be a major and hopefully avoidable way to solve the problem.  Luckily I have dental cover with HBF.

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