Friday, November 15, 2013

Coles Supermarket's logic is illogical

After two years of shopping at Coles I still haven't worked out their system for placement of items and spend hours sometimes wandering the shelves looking for things before I eventually ask for help.

1.  The filters for my water jug are, together with the cous cous, in the foreign foodstuffs  aisle  4.

2.  The toothpicks are not in the dental section but in the party goods aisle

3.  The drinking straws are not in the party section but in the glad wrap section  -  aisle 12

And I don't know why, considering that Coles is just downstairs, I ever go there on weekends when the place is packed and the trolley jams remind me of the traffic in Tehran.  And never shop on Mondays  -  the shelf packers don't work on weekends when everyone shops; wait until Tuesday when there is something on the shelves again.

I have got into the habit of writing the aisle number of 'found' items so that I can find them next time I need to buy them.  No doubt, after the way supermarkets try to lure us to buy more, everything will be in different aisles and different sections by the time I go looking again.

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