Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Have I accidentally fractalised?

When I first bought E.Roberta I purchased a kilo of tops made up of three colours, white, grey and brown.  Having not done any spinning for about 20 years and having never used an electronic spinner and having never spun tops before I wasn't sure how to go about  spinning them.   Eventually I decided to split the roving into its approximate colour groups.  I broke off about 2 metres at a time and then split them more or less into their separate colours. 

The first 200gms was a disaster but I got better as I went along and eventually produced a reasonable, if rather thick, yarn.  I used this to knit a scarf for myself.  Here it is: (Click on the picture to enlarge)

Notice how, quite unintentionally, the colour progresses from light to dark.  If I had tried to get this effect I doubt if I could have done it so well, if at all, considering that it was randomly spun and plied.  This scarf used the whole skein; there are no joins in it.

Yesterday I de-skeined one of the earlier efforts (so quick and easy with the swift and jumbo winder) and started to knit what will eventually be a beanie and was quite bemused to see this growing before my eyes: (Click on the picture to enlarge)

Once again, there are no joins and I am knitting it just as it was plied.  This time I am getting stripes!

The scarf had opened up the possibility of manipulating colours but that was before I had ever heard of fractal spinning.  I am now anxious to finish spinning the black corriedale tops which, as I am spinning much finer now, is taking ages and I am still only about halfway through my third bobbin.  The bobbins each hold about 100gms so I have a way to go yet.  I have a couple of stashes of hand-painted rovings but suspect that I will never do as well when I actually try for an effect.

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