Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Spider, Spider, burning bite ...

Christmas is over and hopefully things are getting back to normal.  D1 came to stay from 22nd December and returned to Sydney yesterday.

It was not my year for having Christmas lunch; it was my turn to have the family on Boxing Day.  We had a sausage sizzle which the GBs like, as do the rest of us and for the first time I refused to make a trifle.  The whole family except me is lactose intolerant and to keep on making a dessert comprised mainly of custard and cream is ridiculous.  Until now I have succumbed to the argument that it is a Christmas tradition but for D2's birthday she requested a chocolate mousse.  The GBs practically had their heads in the bowl licking it out so I made a triple batch and they still licked out the bowl.  Their mother, D3, was concerned that they would break the bowl so I went to the Boxing Day sales and bought a couple of rather nice, big, stainless steel bowls for $25 each.  They will hold a lot of mousse. 

My hip has been painful but not bad enough to resort to crutches and on Boxing Day I was bitten on the ankle by what was probably a white-tailed spider, developed cellulitis and am currently taking antibiotics.  It is settling but still looks angry around the actual bite and I am aching all over.  The doctor told me to keep my leg elevated and do no exercise so I have been spinning.  Normally I do yoga after a long spinning session and hopefully it is just the lack of stretching which is making me ache.

It is exactly two years since I collected the cats from their breeder so it is sort of a birthday for them.  Parsifal has grown into a very large cat but Poppy is quite petite.  She became addicted to a game on D1's I-Pad and has been screaming at me to be allowed to play it on mine.  She is rather good at the game but is mostly content to just sit and look at the screen so I am hardening my heart and will have to do so over the bathroom tap as she expects me to turn on the tap over the bath whenever I go into the bathroom so that she can play with the water.

Parsifal is seriously clever.  Anything he wants to keep as a toy he picks up in his mouth and puts into the toybox and a little red babushka was carefully dropped into the ball box.  I had to rescue that one because it won't roll out again.  And knowing that I keep  chains through the drainholes in the showers (to help syphon the water out)  he dropped a chain necklace down the drainhole in the bathroom floor.  Luckily it caught or I would never have found it.

They are not easy to handle sometimes and Parsifal's pica is a worry but they have brought so much laughter and pleasure into my life and I wouldn't be without them for anything.

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