Friday, January 31, 2014

A Lacy Re-think

Since I have the yarn and the pattern and still want to knit the lacy cardigan it has occurred to me that if I modify the sleeves so that there is just one line of the pattern up each sleeve I will have no problems with the increases since the rest of the sleeves will be in stocking stitch.  The only problem which I can see is that I will still have to keep the pattern as I decrease for the armholes but the lace pattern should be firmly drilled into my brain by then that I should be able to work it out one way or another.

In the meantime I am  pushing ahead with the black corriedale tops and have started on bobbin No.8 so I am more than halfway there.  The trouble is that I have found another pattern which I like very much and will probably knit that one instead of the 'everylastyard' pattern.

I am having fun with my blending board and am accumulating rolags to spin when I have the corriedale finished.  The colour is going to be fearsome since I am throwing in random colours with a basic apricot and if D3 orders the glitter fibre she has promised to get me then I will blend half of the apricot bump with glitter and use it to ply the coloured stuff.

I am back on antibiotics.  The second spider bite is refusing to heal fully and by this morning I was back to aching all over.  I am starting to feel better this evening and hopeful that this fourth course of antibiotics will see the last of it.  I am back to doing yoga but it is not much fun at the moment; it hurts.

COTA is starting again next Thursday.  Pray that the bookings will work out better than they did last year.  I have told K. that we teach pretty well all available versions of Windows and welcome clients bringing their own computers if they want to.  It can be helpful; at least it gives us an idea where they are coming from and if absolutely necessary I can connect them to COTA's network  -  but most of them seem to have dongles these days.

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