Thursday, February 13, 2014

Up and running again

I can move; my joints are no longer stiff and aching; I think that the neurotoxins from the spider bites have finally disappeared, although I have been taking cortisone for the last week so tomorrow will be the crunch time.  But I have got back to yoga and am stretching out again.  It feels good.

I have spent the last few weeks spinning and am about to start the last skein of the beastly black corriedale after which I can start knitting the cardigan which I was spinning it for.  I have also been making and spinning rolags on my new blending board and that is fun.

Because Herself wants me to give a spinning demonstration at the school where she volunteers I have recommissioned my treadle wheel, Emma, and have spun the first of the rolags on her and have filled one bobbin.  I am now in the process of making sparkly rolags to spin and ply with the coloured rolags.  It should be interesting .. .

I took the babies to the vet yesterday to get their vaccination boosters.  Dr Sophie didn’t get bitten this time, not for want of trying, though.  I mentioned the clothes peg solution to her and she said that she had seen it done on New Zealand and that it worked so we will take along some wooden clothes pegs next time we have to pay a visit.  But I think that I’ll let Dr Sophie or a nurse to put the pegs on; I am not that brave.  She very wisely decided not to take their temperatures ...

My rolags.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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