Friday, February 14, 2014

In a spin

I have spent most of today spinning.  This morning I did battle with the recalcitrant E.Emma which, despite every encouragement, is determined to spin with an 'S' twist whereas I want her to spin 'Z' wise.  However, I am getting better with the long backward draw.  I need to relax my holding hand more  -  I still tend to grip the rolag too hard and it won't play out but when I get it right it is fun.  The yarn, when plied, will be thick because I can't control the draw enough to keep it thin.

This afternoon I spent about two hours on E.Roberta and I must admit that I enjoyed the 'no hassle' spinning on her.  Set the tension and spin rate and just feed the yarn in; it is so easy  -  except for the noils, of course,  which are ubiquitous to the tops and a pain in the proverbial.

I am a bit sore today and am not sure if it is the fact that I have stopped the cortisone or if I did last night's yoga a bit too enthusiastically but I'll keep on anyway and hopefully I'll stretch out any kinks.

The babies have recovered from their traumatic trip to the vet.  Yesterday Parsifal was very subdued but he is back to his old form again today, bless his little black heart.  Poppy took the whole thing much more phlegmatically but she is easier to handle than he is.

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