Saturday, January 25, 2014

I have surrendered to the god of lace knitting

I picked up my knitting with high hopes this morning only to come to the same place which I reached last time.  I know this because I also reached the end of the frogged yarn which, after I had frogged it once again, was starting to look a bit shaggy.  I might knit the body which is pretty straight forward even if I have to keep on counting and do the sleeves in stocking stitch or I might just knit innumerable pairs of maroon (actually it is puce) socks.

Meanwhile, I am past the halfway mark with my black spinning so I am feeling as though at least I have achieved something and there is enough to start knitting if the mood moves me.  But I am reluctant to knit the 'everylastyard' pattern since it involves some lace at the bottoms of the body and the sleeves and I have rather lost my confidence with lace knitting.  Maybe a nice simple V-necked, raglan-sleeved cardigan would fit the bill.

This morning I received a request from a social media site called Twoo, supposedly from someone I met in Malta and with whom I had sort of lost touch.  To go and look to see if it was a computer generated friend request I would have had to sign up to Twoo, which I wasn't about to do, but it gave me the option of checking on Facebook.  I did that instead and we are now "friends".  I am not sure how active she is since she has almost nothing on her wall and most of the posts were from other people and all but one was dated 2009, and only a very generic page.  Hopefully, since she responded to my friend request very promptly, we will resume contact.

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