Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Strike Two.

I have another white-tailed spider bite, this time on my belly.  So far it has not developed into anything sinister but I again have a low-grade fever and am a bit headachy.  I had to see my doctor about something else today and she has given me a prescription for another two courses of antibiotics.  I'd prefer not to take any more but it may be necessary in the end.  I haven't found any more spider corpses  -  only three  -  but every time anything brushes my legs I find myself checking to make sure that it is not another spider.

There is some yarn waiting to be picked up from the Post Office so that I can get back to knitting as it is going to take me some time to finish spinning the black corriedale tops and I can spin only so much black before I get bored and my eyes start to protest.  At the moment I an entertaining myself by making rolags on my blending board.  They are basically an apricot colour but I am having fun throwing in random other colours.  Goodness knows what they will look like spun and I am going to have to wait to finish the beastly black before I can find out.  I spun one rolag on my Turkish spindle  -  very badly as I have never used one before  -  and the base colour came through strongly so it may not look as bad as I am imagining.

The cats are well and Parsifal has suddenly become very cuddly.  I am not sure what that is all about but it is usually the prelude to a bout of smurgling so he may realise that I can trigger an attack for him; he doesn't seem to be able to initiate an attack by himself.

GB2 has started spinning and I can see trouble ahead unless D3 buys another spinning wheel.  They are both very pleased with her and I think that it is great with three generations all spinning.  I don't think that anyone has taught her to knit yet.  Her other grandmother could teach her to knit the continental way which would be a very good thing.

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