Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas comes but . . .

Christmas is over and even the Claremont Council has acknowledged it.  The Christmas decorations in the main street were finally taken down on 13th December.  Somebody there had the right idea but the wrong information.  Twelfth Night is not on 12th January but January 5th which is when Joseph and Mary are supposed to have left for Egypt, to avoid King Herod's order to kill all the male babies, twelve days after Christmas day.

I do have another idea as to why the decorations have been removed in such an untimely manner.  There are already hot crossed buns for sale in Coles and I can just see the management of Coles and IGA going cap in hand to the Council and saying that it doesn't look good to be selling Easter stuff before Christmas has finished and would the Council please remove all that glitter and coloured lights so that they can move on.

Good Friday is 3rd April this year so we are not even into Lent yet.  Hot Crossed buns in January?  That is on a par with Christmas decorations appearing in the shops in September, to remind us in case we have forgotten that Christmas will be upon us at the end of December.

Now that I have started taking the babies, in their harnesses, out into the passage they line up at the door every morning to go out.  It is really pretty boring for all concerned as they have found out that nothing really goes on in that 'great unknown'.  We occasionally meet someone on their way to the lift but mostly there is no-one about.  For the last couple of days I have opened the door into the fire escape and they both seem to want to explore it but I haven't let them go past the top landing; it would be hard to get them both back home if the need arose.

They are almost due to have their annual vaccinations and, with great reluctance, we are going to go to the Claremont Veterinary Clinic.  And I need to get Parsifal's hormone levels checked.  He is a bit of a worry to his mother although I wouldn't be without him.

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