Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thicker than thick

I have finished my spin-thicker-thon and surpassed all my expectations by spinning a 240 gm skein of 'Bulky'; 7 wraps per inch  -  although it was a bit variable as tends to be the case with all handspun yarn.

Interestingly enough, I and two others all posted the same recipe for thicker spinning  -  reduce the twist and increase the tension.  I also found that doing a very short draw enabled me to control the thickness  -  a two inch draw gives Bulky and my usual six inch draw gives Double Knit so a four-inch draw should give me Aran which is what I want for my Winetasting fibre.

The problem with my Bulky is that the yardage drops dramatically and I am not sure what I can knit with it.  I thought that a cowl would be something I might wear but think that I may only have enough for a beanie which would probably make my hearing aid whistle.  Decisions . . . !

I have finally bitten the bullet now that the babies need their annual vaccinations and have phoned the Cottesloe Animal Hospital and asked them to send their clinical notes to the Claremont Veterinary Clinic, which has received them, and have made an appointment to take them along next Tuesday morning.  Before then I need to pump up the tyres on the Kitty Carriage and cut all claws.  It is a pity that I can't do a temporary tooth trim; Parsifal bites when he has his temperature taken and I wouldn't put it past Poppy to do the same  -  she just hasn't done it yet.

But I caught her out at what I had suspected for a while.  She bit Parsifal and then screamed blue murder that he was attacking her.  Little ratbag!!

I will take a photo of my thicker than thick skein and post it soon.

Here is my Bulky skein.  Click on the photo to enlarge it. 


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