Saturday, January 31, 2015

Aminata the amazing

I have a new computer.

I contacted Techie last week because I was having trouble keeping an internet connection on all but my desktop computer and my little Surface tablet had 63 updates which needed to be downloaded.  It took me three days of on-off connections to do it ... 

Anyway, Techie suggested that I go to JB-HiFi and have a look at the new Microsoft Surface 3 tablet, which I did and was so impressed that I have bought one with all its bells and whistles including a docking station, pen, fancy mouse and a keyboard which I am still waiting for as I want a black one and there were none in stock.  Hopefully it will arrive about mid-week and meanwhile I am using the original keyboard from my original Surface 8.  Techie has set it up to work like Win 7 but I still prefer working with the tiles.

Now that I have started working with the new tablet I have discovered that there is more to it than I had first realised  -  especially 'One note' which can convert lists to Excel and other scary stuff.  I am thanking providence that it is probably, as a tablet, far too expensive for our COTA clients to want to know about because I have a feeling that it will take me the rest of my lifetime to get a handle on all of its features  -  and it will keep on automatically upgrading itself (as far as I can gather).

I don't like the email but that is the way all email is going  -  concentrating all the different email providers into one site.  I like to keep my emails separate but realise that I am not going to be able to keep on doing that forever.  ... and I mistrust the Cloud but it is getting harder and harder to avoid.

Interestingly, when I was having problems downloading the updates on my original Surface tablet I decided to take it downstairs and connect it to the CQ system.  The tablet refused to even consider connecting  -  said that it was far, far too dangerous.  Interesting; is that going to eventually be the way with all public connections?

Anyway, Techie has taken away my two Win XP computers to euthanise  so I now have only five computers and an I-Pad  -  a desktop Win 7, a laptop Win 7, a laptop Win 8 and two Win 8 Surface tablets.  All a bit excessive but at least I have pruned it by one.

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