Thursday, February 5, 2015

Don't we all love internet security?

I have spent two days trying to download an updated version of my  internet security because I realised that my two Windows 8 computers had none and my subscription runs out in three weeks, so I figured that it was time ...

I tried three times to download the latest version online but was told that the site was down for maintenance, it was unable to verify my details etc., etc., so I went over to JB-HiFi and bought a 2-year CD subscription.  I had no problems with my three proper computers  -  tedious but simple.  It was when I tried to download it (now that I had the subscription key) onto my Surface Pro 3 that I ran into problems.  It was determined to download a trial version  -  after which I would probably have had to pay extra to keep it and it flatly refused to allow me to change the key number while telling me that the one it was showing was out of date  -  which I knew  -  it was last time's key.

Eventually I went to 'Help" and got a fairly complicated set of instructions  -  which actually worked and Aminata is fully protected.  Then I decided to go into my account and see what was what but I didn't have my password.  I clicked "forgot password" and was instructed to type in a new one and verifly it but every time I did I got the message that I hadn't provided the right information and it kept rejecting every suggestion which I made. 

Finally I got annoyed and typed in a swearword  -  nine characters and an upper case letter and  . . . it accepted it!  So now the password for my online security is a swearword.  All power to word filters  -  I got away with that one.

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