Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Poor Kittens

The babies are both off to hospital tomorrow morning, Parsifal to have his teeth scaled as he has gingivitis and poor little Poppy's gingivitis is bad enough that she is going to have some teeth extracted.  According to Dr C. some Oriental cats have a genetic disposition to gum disease and although they have been fed Oral Care pellets it obviously hasn't prevented the gingivitis. 

Poppy also has a lump on her back (which is why I took them over to the vet) which could be an old abscess which has become encapsulated.  I am feeling quite miserable and hate handing them over to the new people, especially since the one who didn't look at Poppy's teeth when they had their annual vaccinations a week or so ago is going to be the one to do the extractions.  My views are coloured by the deaths of Bast and Bertie who both died after tooth extractions so I might be doing the new lot an injustice, but . . .

Hopefully, by this time tomorrow I will have them both home and recovered but  I  HATE  this.

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