Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Stroll in the Park

This morning, since the babies were wailing by the door instead of sleeping as they usually do in the late morning (I was talking to the cleaner outside the door) I loaded them into the kitty carriage and walked them over to the park.

I sussed it out yesterday and have worked out the time and place where we are least likely to meet any unleashed dogs and they both got out and had a little explore.  Poppy was the first, which surprised me but perhaps Parsifal still has an early memory of meeting a rather eager dog when he was a kitten.  He panicked and tried to run away but was firmly tethered and I think that the dog was more interested in meeting and greeting than he was in eating but Parsifal refused to get out onto the grass during subsequent visits so I stopped taking them.

I will never let them off their leashes, of course, and that is why I have been doing 'walkies' up and down the passage every morning so that they are used to having their harnesses put on  -  something I need to be able to do quickly if there is a fire and need to get them out.

I am taking a break from spinning the Jewel colourway.  I have  spun four skeins of 200 gms each and have another two braids to go to finish the kilo of yarn.  At the moment I am spinning a green, blue and brown colourway called Rhinebeck and will ply it with solid brown.  That way there will be enough to knit a vest with perhaps a bit over for a beanie or a pair of mitts.  There is probably another two or three afternoons of spinning to finish the first two bobbins and I will post a photo when I have plied the Rhinebeck and Metro Brown together.  It will be something a bit different and, although I am not a green person, I will probably wear it as I have a matching pair of green jeans.

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