Sunday, February 8, 2015

More Cat and Computer Stuff

Yesterday I decided to upgrade my Windows 8 laptop to Windows 8.1.  Not a problem except that it took me all afternoon; it was running VERY slow.  But I finally got it done and it looked better  -  my pretty, personalised START page had all its flowers and curly bits, whereas before it only had them at the top of the screen.  But  -  when I tried to find my list of apps it wasn't there and I got the message that there was a file missing, called MSVCP110.d11 so I went to my Windows 7 Desktop and yes, I could download it *sigh* so I did that and . . . all of a sudden I have my apps list and she seems to be running much faster.  So hopefully that it the end of my computer woes until the next time.  Now all I need is the proper keyboard for my Surface Pro 3 and find a way to install Microsoft Picture Manager on everything except my desktop computer which has it already.  Microsoft, in its wisdom, has discontinued it but it is still available as a free download.  I am not sure if I am going to need a Key though.

Parsifal has been emptying his treat container too fast so I have bought a contrivance which means that the babies will have to work  bit harder for their pellets.  I dropped a few treats into it and Parsifal had those out before I could turn around so I am not worried that he will starve any time soon.  I am not so sure about Poppy, though.  She is not as bright or as adventurous but she is a bit plump so I am happy to wait a few days before I go back to having food available in a dish at all times.

When I took a shopping trolley down to the trolley pickup today I took Parsifal with me  -  on his lead, of course.  He enjoyed the ride and walked very sedately back to the lift, but was freaked by the noise from 'The Lane', leapt into the lift and made a dash for home as soon as we arrived at our level.

I only have about two hours more spinning to finish Braid 8 of the BFL + silk in the Jewel colourway and I may take a break and spin something else for a bit.  I have been spinning almost one and a half hours per day since November, except for a very short break to join a Spin-thick-a-thon, and a longer break from it would be good.  Then I can spin the last two braids and get it finished.  I haven't decided yet what I will knit with it and I have been trawling for patterns.  Something will inspire me  -  a jacket or a poncho, perhaps.

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