Friday, February 20, 2015

My Poor Kittens - update

The babies and I arrived back at the apartment at about 6.30 yesterday evening.  When Dr J. tried to scale Parsifal's teeth they broke off at the roots and he had to cut into the gums to remove them and then sew up the gum flaps. So instead of having his teeth scaled he ended up having six extractions.  Poppy had five, with less drama because it was anticipated that she would have extractions and she had already lost one tooth very early on in her life.

But the lump turned out to be a real puzzle and has been removed and sent off to pathology for a diagnosis so she has a shaved place on her back and internal stitches since no-one there wants to have to remove external stitches.  She was like a wild thing when she got home  -  restless, excited, relieved to be home but unable to settle to anything.  She would invite tummy rubs and then get up and rub herself against me instead  -  wouldn't/couldn't eat and hid herself away in the bedroom.  She did come out to use the litter but that was all  -  and Parsifal was determined to have his wicked way with her.

He recovered very quickly and spent the evening trying to climb the shelves where I keep my computers and stuff.  They both refuse to drink their nice new green water which is supposed to inhibit the formation of plaque so I will have to dilute it and introduce it gradually.  In the meantime they are drinking from the water bowl in the bathroom.  They are both on a soft diet for the next week and Poppy finally had a good meal at about lunchtime today and has now put herself to sleep under my bed, which is her 'safe place'.

Last night I went to bed feeling pretty miserable but was really happy when Poppy momentarily reverted to her 'Chronometer Kitten' role and jumped onto the bed to wake me up this morning.  Now we just have to wait for the results of the pathology on that lump.

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