Saturday, April 11, 2015

Signature Success

Finally, finally ... I have managed to insert linked signatures into my Surface Pro 3 mail.  I have spent many hours trying, convinced that there MUST be a way if only I could find it.  Microsoft was no help (as usual) and eventually I fell back onto my computer mantra, "When all else fails try the right button" and it brought up a whole new array of options, one of which was "set hyperlink".

I had the stitches removed from my back last Tuesday and yesterday I removed the dressing, not without some trepidation as I can't see it at all and just had to hope that everything was in order.  So far it has itched a bit but seems to be holding together well and I will resume my daily yoga practise on Monday.  I have been doing some stretches because I have been spending a great deal of time spinning and knitting and felt the need to stretch out at the end of the day.

I went to my Knitting Club which is held on the first Tuesday of every month and discovered that, of the five of us, three are or used to be spinners.  Amazing.  Anyway, I read on the Medscape site today that people who do craft work can delay the onset of dementia.  Exercise and keeping a healthy weight are also helpful.  Now that the weather is turning cooler I will start walking up the fire escape every day as well as my yoga.

The cats are well.  Parsifal has been peeing pure ammonia and I was concerned but I stopped feeding him dried green-lipped mussels (mainly because they are expensive and so easily crushed that I have been throwing about half the packet away) and things have improved markedly  -  hardly a whiff any more which is a change from having my eyes water whenever I scooped out the litter.

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