Monday, May 4, 2015

It shouldn't happen on a Fast Day

When I went down to Level 4 to park a shopping trolley in the pickup area I noticed that the padlock was missing from my storeroom and on closer inspection I found that the padlock guard had been wrenched out of shape so that there was no possibility of just replacing the padlock and I have called in a locksmith to replace the bolt and the padlock.  I have also reported the break-in to the Building Manager who is coming to have a look tomorrow and will liase with the shopping Centre security to see if anything shows up on the CCTV as there are security cameras everywhere and this happened in a secure area, only accessed with a fob.

It is obvious that what was in the storeroom was inspected but, except for my bike which has very flat tyres and is dusty, nothing was worth taking -  not obvious with the cursory inspection which I gave the room, anyway.  The Party Boys held an all-night party the night before last and it is easy to suspect them  -  possibly unfairly  -  but it IS a secure area and I can't imagine any of the residents suddenly taking it into his head to break in to one of the store-rooms.

I have been busy for the last few weeks.  I had my eyes tested and for the first time ever my eyes have not changed, my retinas are still intact and there is no sign of cataracts.  I have had a new sleeping splint made for my teeth and I am due to have it checked for fit and comfort the day after tomorrow.  I have had my flu vaccination and Himself and I are back teaching at COTA in the new premises in Victoria Park where we have much more space to move around but so far no internet connection to COTA's system and the system we have to use as 'visitors' keeps on cutting out.  I sometimes think that maybe I should invest in a dongle again but it would get very little use and is hardly worth the bother.

Techie had to come and fix my Win 8 laptop because I managed to do something wrong and every time I tried to fix it I made the problem worse.  Anyway, it is up and running again but Techie has installed Classic Shell which I don't like much but it is probably what any Win 8 clients will have.  I can still work it from the Tiles and I still have two unadulterated Win 8.1 tablets to play around with.

The babies are well, sleek and shiny and if they start to get antsy I turn on the pheromone diffuser.  And I am spinning and knitting with two spinning projects on the go and three knitting ones.  But the latest parcel of fibre from USA was returned to sender because the sender had neglected to put my apartment number in the address and the courier didn't have the nous to drop it off at the Post Office.  It will be returned to me or replaced with the next instalment of the fibre club of which it was the first instalment of three.

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