Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spinning for the Tiny Ones

On Monday I was back to school to do a spinning demonstration organized by  Herself who is a story teller to the Grade I children.  She (shock horror) tells modified versions of the Grimms Brothers’ stories so they get Sleeping Beauty, Rumplestiltskin etc which involve spinning straw into gold (don’t bother to try  -  it doesn’t work) and pricking fingers on a spindle which would be hard to do, at least on modern spindles.  She feels that the stories will have more meaning if the children have actually seen spinning being done  -  and I agree with her.


I did two demos last year and this year there are three as the class is bigger.  I am more organized this time around as I now know what to expect and that I only have about 30 minutes to show combing locks from a greasy fleece (“sniff this  -  it smells like a sheep”), making rolags on my blending board, spinning them and then plying with some pre-spun singles on another bobbin.


The kids were far less restrained and more interactive than last year’s intake and I really enjoyed myself.  One little boy sidled up to me when I was putting the bobbins onto the Lazy Kate ready to ply and told me that he had something to give me afterwards.  I assumed that it would be the almost obligatory very small box of chocolates but after I had finished and was packing up he came back and presented me with 10c which I accepted with due ceremony.  From a six year-old that was a worthwhile contribution which, after the class had gone, I gave to the librarian to put into the charity tin.


The next two will be back to back demonstrations on, at this stage, June 9th.

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