Saturday, May 9, 2015

Knitting by the seat of my pants

I have been pushing to finish knitting my Rhinebeck/Metro Brown vest and today I was finally up to dividing the front for the V-neck and then disaster struck.  The pattern had me with 87 stitches on my needle after shaping for the armholes and then told me to knit 50 stitches to divide for the neckline.  When I was at school 50 was NEVER half of 87 and I had to settle down and work out, from the shoulder shaping of the back, how many stitches I would need to end up with to shape each front shoulder and then work out how to get that number without compromising the shape of the neckline.  It looks OK, the length matches the back and I ended up with the correct number of stitches so I have written some amendments to the pattern so that I can match up the other side of the V neck


Last Saturday night The Party Boys threw one of their all-night parties which, from my point of view, was very quiet although Apt 501 reported much noise around 4.00am and when I went down to Level 4 on Monday I discovered that the lock on my storeroom had been broken and the padlock had disappeared.  Luckily nothing was taken as there was nothing there worth taking.  Anyway, I reported it to the Building Manager who said that he would get in touch with security to see if anything showed on the CCTV (he subsequently told me that there were no cameras which would have picked anything up.  In that he was either lying  -  again -  as there are at least two, or the cameras are dummies, which is a bit of a worry).


Anyway, I called a locksmith to replace the lock but all he did was hit it hard with a hammer and then ask where the padlock was  -  so I sacked him and SIL suggested another firm of locksmiths who came promptly, installed a deadlock on my storeroom door, re-keyed my Apartment door and cut me six keys for distribution among family and a neighbour.


Yesterday Mr 501 told me that he had found the ‘hook’ part of the padlock which was a massive brass one and which would have taken remarkable strength to break so The Party Boys must have been on something a bit stronger than Lite Ale.

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