Thursday, March 26, 2015

Out Damned Spot Revisited

The mole which I had removed turned out to be a melanoma 'in situ' which means that it was caught at a very early stage before it had penetrated the skin.  I was very lucky but the pathologist recommended that some more tissue should be removed just in case.  So yesterday I went back and had my nicely healed incision cut out and a bigger, wider one made.   I am now back to square one with eight stitches instead of the original six and another two weeks of bandaged back.  And it itches and is more uncomfortable.  I should be grateful that the melanoma is all gone and here I am complaining about a little discomfort.

It was a glorious morning this morning so I loaded the cats into the Kitty Carriage and took them down to the park.  Poppy elected to watch from the safety  the Kitty Carriage but Parsifal climbed out and had a sniff around and chewed on some grass.  There was a flock of white cockatoos eating the grass and they were so unafraid that we were able to walk right through them and they only took flight at the very last minute which was great fun for the cats.

Then we dropped into Zoo where Parsifal explored the cat furniture and had a cuddle with Roz.  Once again, Poppy stayed in her safe place  -  but that was OK.

I have started spinning the first of my four braids of Polwarth 'Watercolor' for another vest.  The vest which I am currently knitting from the Rhinebeck/Metro Brown yarn is going to be too big but that just means that it will be loose and I can wear more clothes underneath.  I will knit the Watercolor a size smaller.  I had not taken into account the fact that I have lost eleven kilos and have gone down a dress size.

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