Monday, March 16, 2015

Out Damned Spot!

Last week my doctor examined my skin for nasties and lit on a mole on my back which I could only see with the aid of three mirrors.  Although it was not black it showed irregular borders and she decided that it needed to come out.

Yesterday I saw another doctor in the practice who does minor surgery and she removed the offending spot.  We are now awaiting the pathology to ascertain if it is a melanoma or not and we go from there.  In the meanwhile, I have stitches in my back and a waterproof dressing and will be having baths for the next few nights.  The dressings and stitches are supposed to remain in for two weeks and I have an appointment next Wednesday morning to have the dressing changed.  That needs a doctor to instruct the nurse and since my own GP will be away next week the one who did the surgery will have to preside.  I presume that the same process will have to take place when the stitches come out.  (memo to self:  Make appointment to see my own GP the week after next.)

I now know how Poppy was feeling after her lump was removed; it itches and hurts on and off  -  the itching more on than off.  Her incision has almost healed now and she is a happy little cat again and Parsifal has mostly stopped annoying her.  Maybe he was only trying to help her and she mis-interpreted his intentions.

I spent yesterday uploading MS Office for School & Home  on my new Surface Pro 3 -  it took all afternoon  (I kept getting the message "You have a slow connection; this may take some time.) -  and I have spent the morning downloading MS Office Picture Manager which is not in the latest MS Office Suite but so many people have asked for it back that there are instructions on the internet.  I am finally getting my Surface Pro 3 set up but it is fiddly and I hate the mail although I am starting to find out how it works.  At least is seems to have loaded my contacts list, although it may only be my yahoo one.  I guess that will sort itself out eventually.  The folders do not seem to have come with the rest so that will be the next fun job.  I guess that it is a good way to keep my brain from atrophying.

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