Monday, March 9, 2015

Bells and whistles II

On Saturday night (7th March) I decided to try appealing to a higher authority regarding the intercom system  -  or the non-intercom system as it is now  -  and posted a complaint on the "Our Community" forum.  This morning I received a phone call from someone there.  She has obviously contacted and spoken to the person responsible for getting things fixed.  He said that he only found out about it last Friday 6th March when things "blew up" and he was going to have to get  technicians in to fix the problem; that it might be a big job and take a while to fix.

Hmmm  -  at least something is going to be done now but I am very angry that my
phone calls to report the failure of the intercom were either forgotten or brushed aside as some kind of hysterical fantasy on my part.

I cut the kittens' fingernails this morning, having deemed Poppy sufficiently recovered to cope but, as usual, she took great umbrage and bit me on the thumb.  I have had her right leg checked out by a vet and no problem was found so I can't understand her.  I can only think that at some stage before I got her someone cut too close to the quick and she has never forgotten.  She was getting quite good about it but we are obviously going to have to start all over again.

I plied the last of the Rhinebeck/Metro Brown spinning this morning and will skein it tomorrow.  Then it is back to the Jewel  -  but only two braids left to do.  There is a new 'Discworld' site on and various dyers have been asked to produce two colourways depicting characters from the Discworld Series.  I don't need it but there is an absolutely beautiful merino/silk colourway called 'Quoth', all in iridescent raven-coloured fibre;  I have ordered six braids, enough for a jacket or sweater.  It will probably not arrive until May but I am not short of fibre to spin so I am happy to wait.

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