Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bells and Whistles

My apartment intercom has been down for the last eight days and the only people who can get into my apartment are the ones who know my telephone number and can phone up to say that they are unable to attract my attention in any other way.  I have reported it twice; last Thursday and again yesterday when I found that one of the other apartment residents also has a non-functioning intercom, leading me to suspect that the whole complex is affected.  The problem is that unless people are familiar with the working s of the intercom any visitors probably think that we are away from home.

At this juncture I am happy to report that I have two happy cats.  I am not sure if it is the result of the Happy Gas and the Happy Chicken-and Duck soothing treats which they eat in the mornings.  The instructions for these are rather amusing:- 
To provide optimal emotional balance for your pet, administer the daily dose of delicious Tranquil Treats as directed.
CAT  WEIGHT  -  All sizes: 8 daily

Poppy is still not eating as much as she used to but she has a way to go before she could be considered thin, let alone starved, so  I am not that fussed, her incision is almost healed and she and Parsifal once again curl up together to sleep and I wake up in the mornings with him in bed with me and her curled up against me on top of the bedclothes.

Yesterday I attended the inaugural session of the local library's Knitting Club.  It was a fun couple of hours with four other participants.  I felt a bit guilty as they were all knitting for charity and I was knitting myself a vest.  We will be meeting on the first Tuesday of every month and tea and coffee are provided towards the end of the session.  On the strength of nothing in particular I have just ordered nine braids of fibre on the theory that one must grab it while one can as not all colourways are available all the time.  . . . and the last lot I ordered still has not arrived but it usually takes about four weeks to get here so I am not about to start panicking yet.  D3 says that her orders are here in about six days which I find hard to believe since it takes longer than that for a parcel to come from over east.

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