Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bells and Whistles III

Surprise!  Yesterday my intercom was working again but the first and only call which came through was from a woman looking for 601 so I can only hope that the powers that be have got their wiring correct.  When the building was first open, people trying to contact 511 were connected to 602 and since it was The Party Boys who lived in 511 and their parties often started at 2.00am it was no fun for the occupant of 602 who was constantly being woken at all hours of the night and into the early morning.

I had my skin checked yesterday and there is a naevus which has to come off.  It is right in the middle of my back where I can't see it so I have to take my doctors word for it that it is better off than on.  It is being removed on Monday so my yoga may have to be suspended for a short while.  My doctor is the third person who has suggested that I might have psoriasis so I am beginning to think that maybe I actually do have it and that is the reason that I itch.

I have finished spinning the Rhinebeck/Metro Brown yarn and am already some way to knitting up the front of the vest I am making with it.  It is not my colours but is rather nice.

I have sourced a site which dyes and sells solid colours so I will be able to do more of the matched plying but first I need to get on and spin up some of the fibre I have stashed.  Or perhaps I could start matching up the colourways I already have with solids.

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