Friday, January 15, 2016

COTA versus Windows 10

Three days ago the computer teachers at COTA had a meeting about the parlous state of the computers which we are expected to teach on.  We have two new teachers which was a surprise and one of them, John2, is very computer savvy, having worked in the industry and his feelings on the subject reflected mine on pretty well everything.  The computers which we use are obsolete, slow, have never been upgraded, do not have workable email and as well as a non-upgraded version of Windows 7 there are two non-working versions of Windows XP and Windows 8 which no-one uses and which I believe to have been withdrawn by Microsoft about five  days ago.

John2 used to work for the IT company which has the contract to keep COTA's computers up and running and he told us that COTA is entitled to five re-builds per year but it seems that those computers belonging to the admin staff are getting all the goodies.  

He also said that the reason that the guest login username and password doesn't work is that the Thursday girls neglect to 'save' on the Visibility system.   At this stage COTA is planning on starting classes again on February 5th but it will depend on the health of the computers which we use and what systems can be installed for us.  We have specified Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.  If they can all go onto one computer that would be good but otherwise there will be one computer specifically for Windows 10.  It should be interesting if/when we have to work in tandem and both clients want Windows 10 ... or Windows 8.1 or Windows 7.  I don't think that it will work.

More on the thwarted break in at D2's apartment.  In D2's own words:

"the owner has issued a breach notice which specifies that the brother is not allowed to be in the apartment. They have offered to break the lease at no cost to the tenant and bearing the cost themselves of a loss of rental while they find another tenant. That’s very decent of them. A single breach is not enough to terminate the tenancy - it has to be three!!!"

Anyway she is coming to reclaim her breakfast cereal and yoghurt and return my 'get out of jail free' sensor  -  probably sometime this weekend.

This afternoon Himself is coming over to take a look at Windows 10 and get some idea of what we are up against.  I am now OK with the basics but when Himself phoned me this morning with a problem with his Windows 7 computer I had to think hard and resort to looking it up in the book before it all came back to me.  How easy it is to forget when I have not used W7 for six weeks or so.  It is scary ...

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