Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ominous ...

I recently received a book called "Windows 10 Tips and Tricks".  It is very helpful and was well worth buying.

I have been browsing through it and marking parts which I will go back to and study in more depth but yesterday I stumbled on the information that, as  Microsoft was constantly tweaking Windows 10, (I always suspected that the free download of Windows 10 is a Beta Version) the publishers of Tips and Tricks would send out updates as they happen if I register with them  -  so I have done so and hope to be able, that way, to keep up with the latest.  *sigh*  Never a dull moment.

Yesterday I fired up my Windows 7 computer to check something out and found that it is actually morphing itself into Windows 10 by stealth.  Every time I go to Windows 7 it is more like Windows 10 and by 2019 when MS ceases to support it, it will be Windows 10 anyway.

Parsifal has suddenly realised that he has a VOICE!  For the last week or so he has been stalking around the apartment SHOUTING and he has a very comprehensive vocabulary which I have yet to learn but I think it consists of things like "Where is that sister of mine", "I want to swing the pictures", 'Why can't I swing the pictures?" and "I want some little treats."  I would love to send him outside to catch himself a rat but regretfully that is not possible so I have decided to ignore him when I am trying to read or watch TV and reply to him at other times.  He has also discovered that he likes to sit on laps, help me with the housework (he has always enjoyed sweeping the floors) and be cuddled.  He is a gorgeous cat and I love him to bits but Poppy is definitely easier to live with.

I have almost recovered from my vertigo and went to my Knitting Club today.  There were only two of us there and I had been concerned that knitting might trigger the nausea again but it was fine so I can probably start spinning too although I am not so sure about vacuuming the floors  -  that always used to set things going again.

Himself will be back from 'over east' sometime tomorrow.  He has been staying with his brother over Christmas and it was just the sort of break which he needed and hopefully he has had the time and support to come to terms with all which happened last year after Herself's stroke.

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