Saturday, January 2, 2016

Not such a Happy New Year after all

I woke up on the morning of New Year's Eve with a sinking feeling which I have not experienced for almost twenty years  -  nausea, dizziness and loss of balance  -  in other words  -  severe Vertigo. 

There was a time when I kept medication to treat it on hand all time but with the long gap between attacks I had let it all lapse.  The only thing going for me was that, with my old, outdated medication was a piece of paper with D3's telephone number so I phoned her and she was around like a shot.  She spent a fruitless time trying to either get a doctor to visit or to persuade my medical centre to write out a prescription for me.  "No," they said, "bring her in."  No chance of that as I was unable to walk.  The 24 hour home medical service doesn't start until 4.00pm  -  24 hour?

Anyway, at that point D2 (who is a doctor) turned up with all the requisite stuff and gave me all the requisite treatment but it has taken my up until now  -  almost three days later, to be able to focus my eyes sufficiently to type this and I can walk without feeling nauseous and have had something to eat so I am on the mend.  But I missed all the fireworks, parties, celebrations etc  -  not that I had planned on doing anything except going to bed early  -  but the thought was there.

So I am hoping that tomorrow I will be right back into the swing of things since I have not yet had a chance to generally clean up after Christmas.  We had it hot while I was asleep and one of my aspidistras has definitely died and the second of the three Rosemary cuttings is looking sick  -  I might have to visit the garden centre and get one which is already rooted if I want to own a Rosemary bush.  The Ponytail Palm, on the other hand is flourishing.

And the cats were very supportive and told me that if I was not able to clean their litter trays twice per day that once per day would be ok and joined me on the bed for a vigil for two days, bless their little black hearts.  They are back  in their own beds again now and ...

... I have just remembered that I collected them from their breeder exactly four years ago today.  There are some photos of them as kittens somewhere in this blog along with a description of their first few days chez pinkozcat.  I must go back and have a look at them.

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