Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas is over for another year

The leftovers have all been eaten and the fridge has been restocked with my sort of food, all the extra sheets and towels have been washed and we are almost back to normal although Parsifal is missing D1 a little bit and has become super cuddly as a result.

Today I spent some time with a very old friend whom I first met at St Anne's College in North Adelaide where we were both residents and both studying physiotherapy.  After graduation we shared a flat for a year before I left for Sydney where I married a Western Australian and she married a man from Victoria.  She has a son living in Mandurah and is over here staying with him and his family over Christmas.  She is going home the day after tomorrow.

We are having it super-hot at the moment but the air conditioning is very efficient and tomorrow I will get back to spinning the last skein of my Rincewind/Melange yarn.  I have started knitting the front of the vest (already finished the back) from the Ankh-Morpork/Cardamom spinning but I have yet to decide what I will knit when I finish it.  D1 gave me a book of 'top down' knitting patterns for Christmas and my Noro book of patterns arrived a couple of weeks ago ... so many patterns  -  so little time!

I am still struggling with a few things on Windows 10  -  mainly my inability to get back to the Tiles when I close a site; it always takes me back to Desktop.  At least I have finally persuaded it to remember to open in Tiles when I turn it on.  Probably it will eventually do as I want it to  -  I suspect that I have a Beta version (probably everyone who has downloaded it for free has the Beta version) and Microsoft is still tinkering around the edges.  I now have my "Tips and Tricks" book which is bigger and more comprehensive than the 'Teach Yourself Visually' book.  I am looking at it all as a way of exercising my brain rather than as a frustrating struggle to understand the new format.  Hopefully I will manage to keep one step ahead of my clients.

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