Saturday, December 12, 2015

Getting back to normal?

I have reached a stage with my computer where I can use it fairly normally.  Certainly there are things which I still need to work out and things which I still have to search out  -  so I have finally found a use for OneNote although I am still using the blank parts at the beginning of my Windows 10 'how to' book to jot down helpful notes to myself.

So my life is getting back on stream as far as it can with Christmas in two weeks.  This morning I girded up my loins and clipped the cats' claws which were sorely in need of attention.  Parsifal is easy; he knows that he will get some special treats afterwards but Poppy is a different matter.  She hates having what would be her right-handed ring finger clipped and squeals and bites when I try to clip it.  It is, of course, the claw which grows the fastest and sharpest and it was starting to catch in fabric which probably increases the discomfort.  She has to be muzzled to prevent her from bitting me, poor baby,  so I did both back and front claws  -  all four paws  -  so that I could delay having to muzzle her again quite so soon.  I have left a request with the Vet to examine that claw in depth next time she needs her teeth cleaned and she is anaesthetised.

The COTA Christmas get together was held two days ago  -  a buffet held at the Visability headquarters.  It is the only time when we all get together so I took the opportunity to tell the Tuesday receptionist who does the computer class bookings that I was getting familiar with Win 8.1 and Win 10.  Then Himself drove me back to Chez Self where I collected three rooted aspidistra leaves and three Rosemary cuttings.  Parsifal is especially interested in the largest of the aspidistra plants because it waves around in the wind but so far he hasn't attempted to eat anything.  The aspidistras, if they take root, will do well on the balcony since is gets very little sun.  Hopefully it will grow and flourish. 

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