Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sort of Sorted

Since I use this blog as a diary I just want to record that I now have this computer, and Windows 10, up and running to my satisfaction.  No doubt there will be issues to be sorted in the future but I now seem to be able to do everything I was able to do in Windows 7  -  except create shortcuts on Desktop.

There is still the minor issue of my email and whether I should use MS Outlook or Office Outlook.  There is no doubt that MS Outlook is simpler and that Office Outlook is unnecessarily complicated for the general home user but MS Outlook is, after all, just a souped up version of Hotmail.  However, it synced my contacts list and I have had to manually enter addresses into Office Outlook as well as that it shows email headers in very small font in the inbox.  The other gripe I have with Office Outlook is that, on my version at least, there is no Deleted Items folder so that when I delete an email it is gone forever.  There is a way of searching for lost emails, I know, and I haven't explored it.  Instead I have created a Deleted Items Folder and move the items I no longer want to this folder where I can delete them or restore them as I see fit.  MS Outlook has a Deleted Items folder.

Since all my emails come into both programs it is really a matter of what I am in the mood for but it has been good to finally try to come to terms with Office Outlook even if I never use it in the future.

D1 is arriving tomorrow from Sydney and will be spending Christmas here.  She has yet to tell me when she is going home again but I suspect that it will be 27th December to rescue her cat from Boarding School.

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