Friday, December 4, 2015

I am sort of sorted out on my new computer.

I spent today re-compiling a spreadsheet for my dividends.  I was a bit dismayed that I had lost it but then remembered that it was out of date with many alterations as I traded and then I remembered that I had totally messed it up and had intended to re-do it anyway.  So I felt better about it and I have entered the dividends from the last six months and it all seems to be working.  It was, in fact, good because I haven't done a spreadsheet from scratch for ages and it is something which a lot of the COTA clients want to learn.

Luckily I had already printed off last financial year's data so I organised and sent off all my tax stuff to my accountant .

Then I contacted Avanquest Software, gave them the details of my recent download of Family Tree Maker 14 and they immediately sent me a link to download it again  -  so I did that.  Then I did a search for the FTM data download which Techie put onto a flash drive yesterday but couldn't find it and so I went to to see if they would sync my tree.  They refused on the grounds that they didn't recognise the computer despite the fact that I was logged in.  So I started putting in my family back to my great-grandparents and suddenly it synced itself so that is up and working.  I started doing that on the grounds that if synced from my tree I should be able to sync back to my computer and that is what happened.

And I managed to do an hour's spinning  -  but it was a fast day so I didn't have to stop to eat  -  just coffee on the run.

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