Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Progress, upgrade or have I just been a bit slow to catch on?

For the last week I have been really bugged by Windows 10 asking, whenever I tried to close a page, if I wanted to close all tabs or cancel.  There was no option such as 'close current page' or anything else helpful  -  and mostly the back button was inactive.

Yesterday I got tired of the default colour for everything being green (not my colour) so I changed it to a watermelon pink and suddenly my back arrow works and I have found tabs which I can close without going right back to desktop and having to start all over again.

Furthermore I have finally discovered how to work Favourites.  To put something in is simple and straightforward and like the old operating systems but I have been unable to find out how to access them again.  I eventually looked it up in the book  -  the last option in most cases - and found that one has to click on the 'hub' which is a set of little lines to the right of the Favourites star, after which a tab will drop down with another Favourites star and if you click on that you will find the lost favoured sites. 

I have never used Favourites very much before because I could set a shortcut onto my desktop but that, so far, is not an option.  I still have the shortcuts from the Windows 7 version on this computer but some no longer work and I am going to have to go through them and delete the dead ones ... but not yet; things keep on changing here and I can only assume that those of us who chose to download Windows 10 at the beginning are being used as guinea pigs and that we are using a Beta version.  At the moment I never know what I am going to wake up to but some changes could be on account of my fiddling and tweaking.  The latest to come down the wire is that Control Panel is to be phased out and the Settings will be taking its place.

I have been asked to possibly give a workshop on computers for the Retired Physiotherapists Group and so far haven't worked out how I could manage it with no internet connection. I had decided that if everyone who had a laptop or tablet  brought them to the workshop and was prepared to have those who had none looking over their shoulders I could go through Control Panel which would cover a lot of the skills and knowhow needed to use a computer but can only hope that it will still be there in mid-2016  or things are going to get difficult if some of my audience still has Windows 7 and some have Windows 8.1 or 10.

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