Thursday, December 3, 2015

Finally ...

I have a new computer, new keyboard, new mouse and windows 10.

They all arrived today and most of what was on my old damaged computer has been transferred across.  The only thing which I couldn't find was My Documents but most of them had synced to one of my other computers so I copied them onto a pen drive and loaded them.  Missing is my spreadsheet with my financial stuff but since I keep everything for the seven years demanded by the Tax Department, the current ones will be easily replaced and it will probably be good practise to re-do the formulae.

It is not as easy or as clear-cut as my little Surface Pro tablet but I now know how to get around most of the difficulties and being forced to use Windows 10 without the touch screen will (probably) be good for me.

Himself came over yesterday and we had lunch and went shopping for Secret Santa presents (unisex and costing no more than $10).  There is no doubt that men do not like to shop; he grabbed at the first thing which I suggested instead of inspecting and comparing prices as a woman would have done.  But it was a nice day and I enjoyed it. 

I can't really say the same for today  -  never sure what I was doing and still believing that once again the computer would reject the download without even Windows 7 to fall back on, although the old and new computers were  working in tandem to install most of the information from the old one to the new.  But it seems to be working and I have created a recovery drive in case it all goes belly-up again.

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