Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Christmas to all my readers

I'd like to wish a very happy Christmas to all my readers  and to thank you all for sharing in my life for the last year.

Christmas this year is going to be interesting because our usual split family celebrations have sort of fallen through.  Until now I have held the Christmas Day family gathering and my ex-husband and his wife have done boxing Day and the following year it is the reverse.  However, this year all our children, grandchildren and whatever have spat the dummy and D3 is holding Christmas day feasting and I will still be doing Boxing Day with my Ex, wife and family doing their own thing  -  the kids there have also spat the dummy so it is Christmas all over the place.

It has meant that my Christmas has been spread over three days which I was finding a little daunting but D1 is over from Sydney and is being a huge help so I am just sort of wandering through the preparations.  At the moment I am melting the chocolate for a triple chocolate mousse for tomorrow, we will do the potatoes for the potato salad tonight to let them cool and the family insists on a sausage sizzle  -  which is easy and everyone enjoys it.  Roast Turkey and Christmas pudding is a bit much in summertime in Perth and to have to endure it for two days running is a bit much to expect.

D1 and I did the food shopping in double-quick time with her wielding the trolley and me gathering the necessaries.  I made the mayonnaise last night, the chocolate mousse will be done this morning and the rest can be done this evening and tomorrow morning.

Bless the person who invented dishwashers ... :)

Happy Christmas and I hope that the next year will be even better than this year has been.

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